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Young, international talents, all capable of delivering a top performance in their field every single day! Sound familiar? That’s why we’ve decided to link up with promising (inter)national top athletes.

OTTO Work Force sponsors (as the main sponsor) top teams like PSV Eindhoven, Handball VOC Amsterdam and Heroes Basketball Den Bosch. We’re also socially active with our important partnership with the Johan Cruyff Foundation and various local initiatives which endorse health, vitality and team spirit.


We are proud partner of


OTTO & PSV Eindhoven

OTTO Work Force joined the PSV sponsor pyramid in 2020. OTTO was already affiliated with PSV as a participant in the Legends Lounge, but has now developed into the official sponsor of PSV Eindhoven's men's and women's football. OTTO has built up a fantastic relationship with the wonderful Eindhoven region companies. And together we’re there for PSV too.  “OTTO has developed a successful concept during recent years, from which it’s already starting to reap the benefits. The course chosen by PSV appeals to them to such a degree that they’d like to profile themselves as an Official Sponsor during the forthcoming years. This will result in more visibility and new concepts. We look forward to turning this into a great success story for both parties,” according to commercial director Frans Janssen.


Handbal VOC Amsterdam

OTTO Work Force has been linked to the premier league handball club VOC Amsterdam as their main sponsor with effect from 1st July 2018. A partnership based on a shared vision: Investing in talent. Both organisations are leaders in training and investing in talent. "A large part of the TeamNL women's team, who became world champions last year, originated from VOC Amsterdam’s talent pool.” A partnership which will hopefully result in VOC bringing home even more national titles, but which will especially help Dutch handball talent to continue to develop.

VOC Handbal

Heroes Den Bosch

The collaboration between OTTO and Heroes Den Bosch dates back to 2016, when Bob van Oosterhout took over the club and approached Frank van Gool for support. Basketball is a serious sport in Poland and the city/region of Den Bosch is an interesting focus area for OTTO. The important role OTTO played in the revival of Bossche basketball was certainly very enthusiastically welcomed by the many thousands of people who intensively follow and support the club. You’ll often see 'Finish behaviour' in sports sponsorship, but being part of the very beginning of a success story is certainly a great deal more satisfying!

Heroes Den Bosch

Johan Cruyff Foundation

OTTO Work Force has been involved with the Johan Cruyff foundation as a sponsor since 2018. Niels Meijer, the Johan Cruyff Foundation’s Director: ''We’ve been very happy with the collaboration with OTTO Work Force for many years. They don’t just provide us with financial support, but also help us with the volunteer policy. Plus they’re the main sponsors of our annual 14K Cruyff Legacy Run. A fantastic run, with thousands of people running and walking for the benefit of our projects. It’s wonderful that OTTO is so involved with the Cruyff Foundation, especially during difficult times like these. And it’s exactly during these difficult times that sports and exercise are more important for children than ever before.

14k Legacy Run



We’d also like to contribute to events we feel we can identify with at regional level. We regularly sponsor clubs, associations and organisations which clearly have their hearts in the right place. We particularly do this around our offices and the accommodation where some of our employees live.

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Is your heart in the right place and do you need OTTO Work Force’s help and support as a sponsor for your club, association, organisation or event? Then please do get in touch.

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