Who is
OTTO Work Force?

There are a multitude of different industries which are currently struggling with a shortage of qualified personnel. From agriculture and horticulture to logistics and construction. We have developed into the largest international employment agency in Europe since our foundation back in 2000. We help employers to find professionally trained personnel from the Netherlands and abroad. This allows companies to focus on their core tasks without having to worry about personnel. We take good care of our people.

Anyone who works hard here simply forms part of the team! Our starting principle is that we treat our people in the exact same way as we would like to be treated if we were working in a different country. That means well-organised work, fair and correct pay, good support to settle in the Netherlands and a decent place to live. That’s been in OTTO's DNA since day one.


OTTO Work Force believes in one European labour market without borders. Being a market leader in the field of international employment services, we are constantly looking for new ways to optimally serve the interests of our clients and employees in terms of flexible work. We, OTTO Work Force, do business from the heart and we always go the extra mile.


Due to strengthening our footing in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands we are in the position to further optimise our concepts for our clients. Focussing at the same time on RESPECT as the most essential individual and corporate value, we improve the position of international employees.


The fact that we want to provide our customers with the very best personnel is absolutely central to everything we do. After all, that's the only way businesses are going to thrive. Our people can make all the difference for our customers. And that’s exactly why we invest in our people. After all, happy employees most definitely result in happy clients. That’s why 'WE TAKE CARE OF OUR PEOPLE' is a central focus point within our organisation. This means we’ll be focussing on our (potential) employees’ wishes and needs even more, both now and during the forthcoming years.

Our 2020-2024 strategic vision’s title is The Happy OTTO Employee Journey. OTTO Work Force won’t just have a past to be proud of, but certainly also a wonderful future, if we know what moves our employees, both literally and figuratively, and if we can effectively respond to this.

We’ll be working on optimising our recruitment process during the forthcoming years, we’ll be focussing on finding and retaining good employees and on promoting working abroad. After all, our work is all about people! Talented and successful professionals know what needs to happen and will do whatever needs to be done. They’re ‘in control’. Our professionals are therefore central focus points in our strategy.

OTTO’s strategy as a whole can only be successful if everyone translates this into their own actions and subsequently truly implements this. The best people are disciplined, they’re able to focus and they’re in control. That’s the key message. And we simply won’t settle for less. RESPECT is, and will always be, the bottom line where our actions are concerned.

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Our History

OTTO Work Force has experienced significant growth every single year since its foundation in the Netherlands back in 2000. We started off with 4 Polish employees at Gipmans in Venlo in early 2000. Who could have predicted we would now be active throughout the whole of Europe with an impressive 27.000 employees?

OTTO Work Force has developed into the largest international employment agency in Europe. And we want to continue to grow. Not as an actual objective, but simply to ensure we always have the best solution and match for our clients. The current challenges within the employment market certainly don’t make finding good personnel an easy task. OTTO can offer the solution.

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Corporate social responsibility

Maintaining a balance between economic success and corporate social responsibility is a foundation of the OTTO Group. Our strategy of social responsibility is pursued at many levels: we participate in social, cultural and sporting activities. We take care of people in need, have respect for nature, are involved in dialogue with employees and customers and invest in the development of our people.

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Our values

7 core values of
OTTO Work Force

Our organisation has been founded on RESPECT. These values ​​are central to everything we do. Most of our employees come from a different country. They deserve to be treated in the exact same way as the people who come from the country where they work. Our customers also deserve our respect. After all, they are making it possible for us to exist.


We work in a cost-conscious and purposeful manner


We allow our people to take responsibility

Socially involved

We treat our colleagues and the world around us with the greatest of care


We always go the extra mile


We don't believe in borders, we believe in quality

Customer excellence

We are focused on providing our customers with the best possible service


We believe in openness

Strategic partnership

Outsourcing INC.

OTTO Work Force (“OTTO”) has entered into a strategic partnership with OUTSOURCING Inc. (“OSI”). This listed Japanese temporary employment group boasts a strong position within the Asian market. The company is also active in South America, Australia and now increasingly in Europe too. OTTO is the European market leader in international employment services. Staff shortages will only continue to increase during the forthcoming years due to economic growth and an aging population. OTTO effectively contributes to the solution for this major social challenge. Plus the strategic partnership with OSI means OTTO can now provide a global solution. 

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