Certifications and memberships

We want to offer our employees and clients the highest quality of service. Our commitment to the highest quality standards is underlined by a large number of memberships and certificates.

Bundesarbeitsgeberverband der Personaldienstleister (BAP)
OTTO Work Force is a member of the Federal Association of Personnel Service Providers.  The BAP collective agreement enjoys the recognition of all the major trade unions and gives companies security with all the regulations anchored there. Furthermore, we guarantee you and our employees high standards and fair payment, which ultimately also benefits your company.  

TÜV Rheinland ISO 9001
Through certification by TÜV Rheinland, we ensure high product and service quality for your company.


In addition to certification, OTTO Work Force is also affiliated with various initiatives which contribute to the interests of international employees and their living and working environment.

United Nations Sustainable Developement Goals
OTTO Work Force recognises its social responsibility and adheres to the OECD guidelines for multinational companies. This is evident from the company values, which are summarised in RESPECT We have set these against the most relevant Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.



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The Happy OTTO Employee Journey

A factor in the success of our company is not only good organization, but also awareness of what we do and awareness of the direction in which we are going. We know how, we know why & we know where. Properly targeted action energy makes a difference. Every two years we sharpen our strategic course. In future years, we will want to find out exactly what motivates our employees. The title of the 2020 - 2024

OTTO Family; De Glattki's

Adrian’s task was to schedule the employees and their transport to work. He was happy he had been offered such a decent job after many months of heavy physical work in various parts of the Netherlands. “I was shocked: a guy form Poland in the Planning Department?!," says Adrian. "20 years ago, nobody in Poland heard about temporary employment agencies, let alone about working at one in a foreign

OTTO Familiy; Irena & Janusz

When Irena and Janusz started working at OTTO, there were about eighty employees. A friend recommended OTTO to them and Irena and Janusz have stayed for 20 years. They came to the Netherlands as “Poles on a German passport,” which was the access pass to work on the other side of the river Oder in that time. Only in 2004, when Poland joined the European Union, a bigger number of Poles could travel to work abroad

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