Meet the OTTO familiy

Interview with Irena Klimek and Janusz Sosnowski

  • Irena (46), Janusz (49)
  • At OTTO: since 2000

When Irena and Janusz started working at OTTO, there were about eighty employees. A friend recommended OTTO to them and Irena and Janusz have stayed for 20 years. They came to the Netherlands as “Poles on a German passport,” which was the access pass to work on the other side of the river Oder in that time. Only in 2004, when Poland joined the European Union, a bigger number of Poles could travel to work abroad via a temporary employment agency.

Irena has fond memories of the family-like atmosphere that prevailed in the company at that time. "I remember when I first met Ms. Karolina Swoboda. She came to ERNO’s as the Account Manager; it was the company where we have worked for the first 10 years. A smiling blonde with a head full of braids." Till today, Irena and Janusz chat with Karolina at every opportunity and they know they can always count on her.

But, in fact, it is so that OTTO can always count on Irena and Janusz. Throughout all these 20 years, none has ever reported sick, and they were never late. And if OTTO unexpectedly needed additional people to work, they were always first to arrive.

Since 2010, Irena and Janusz have been working in the logistical centre of G-Star, a regular client of OTTO Work Force. They value fixed working times, and Irena loves her job of order picker and the fact that she constantly moves around the hall. She adds: "Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are particularly important nowadays. I worry about the coronavirus epidemics and how it’s going to go." Fortunately, she feels reassured as everything is perfectly organised at OTTO and the company takes good care of its employees and their health, even in such challenging times like those of Covid-19.

Irena Klimek:

"At OTTO everything is perfectly organised and even in difficult times like Covid-19, the company takes good care of its employees and their health."

Irena and Janusz lived at various housing locations of OTTO for almost 18 years. As a couple, they did not mind it; they had organised transport to their workplaces and good contact with managers and housemates. Two years ago, however, they wanted a bit more peace and quiet and rented a private flat in Wijk aan Zee via OnSite. "The change was shocking; at first we missed the dynamics in the park" - they explain with a smile.

However, the couple quickly got used to the new situation and now they appreciate life in the Netherlands even more. A country where - they add - "people live at ease and don't worry about anything, unlike in Poland." What will the future bring? - they do not know. They appreciate what they have and do not want to change anything. The sea air is also good for them. For OTTO Work Force, Irena and Janusz have become family.


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