Meet the OTTO family

Interview with Adrian and Karina Glattki

  • Children: Oliver 15 jaar, Julia 10 jaar
  • At OTTO: Adrian since 2000, Karina since 2002.

It was October 16, 2000; 8 o’clock in the morning. Adrian started his first working day at OTTO Work Force from the bungalow no. 18 in Blitterswijck.

Adrian’s task was to schedule the employees and their transport to work. He was happy he had been offered such a decent job after many months of heavy physical work in various parts of the Netherlands. “I was shocked: a guy form Poland in the Planning Department?!," says Adrian. "20 years ago, nobody in Poland heard about temporary employment agencies, let alone about working at one in a foreign country."

On that day, at about 4 p.m., the son of one of the employees ran into their office shouting that there was something wrong with his father. Adrian and Frank ran to check what was going on and when they saw the paralysed worker, they immediately called an ambulance. It turned out that the man had poisoned himself by eating fermented preserves. Worried about the worker's fate and this dangerous bacterial infection, they rode with him from hospital to hospital, anxiously waiting to see if the doctors would be able to save the man's life. By the morning, the rescue operation proved successful. Adrian would remember that first, eventful working day for the rest of his life.

Karina has joined OTTO one year after Adrian. She recalls the job interview with Peter Verlegh as if it were yesterday. The company was growing at such an impressive pace that Karina could choose from several positions. Yet, she did not hesitate, as she was always interested in organising the day-to-day office work. And so, she started working in the Administration Department. For the following 18 years, she kept a close eye on the contracts of all employees and ensured a proper employee circulation within the company. In the meantime, she followed courses on Dutch labour law. Currently, she is engaged in processes concerning the Balanced Labour Market Act (WAB) and contract management.

Adrian Glattki:

"We have built a house in Poland, but we have never moved in"

"These were unbelievable times” recalls Karina. "We were earning in guldens, learning foreign languages and new skills, but we always thought that we would go back to Poland. And so, the first, second and third year passed. We have built a house in Poland, but we have never moved in."

Who would have thought that this was the beginning of a new phase in the life of these two young students in love; that they would set up a happy family, have two great children and, first of all, that Germany and the Netherlands would be their new home? After all, they only came to Holland for a few weeks to earn some extra money on a lily farm during their holidays. And despite the terrible pain in their backs, they will never forget this experience, and they are glad that their lives turned out this way.

It does not take them long to answer the question "What has kept you at OTTO for 20 years?". They are unanimous in praising the dynamism and atmosphere of the company. Karina enjoys going to work every day and adds that she is never bored. She is proud that OTTO is always one step ahead of other employment agencies and the first one to introduce new processes and legal regulations.


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