OTTO Services

The OTTO Group in Poland is one of the leaders on the job placement market. We help employees find temporary and permanent jobs. We conduct recruitment processes and optimize HR processes in companies.

Our offer includes the following services: temporary work, employees from Eastern Europe and Asia, verification of documents legalizing stay and work in Poland, outsourcing, onsite, payroll, specialist recruitment.

If you are looking for comprehensive HR solutions for your company, please contact us: 608 430 443, [email protected].

Temporary work

The temporary work service allows you to adjust your employment to changing needs in your company. It enables flexible management of human resources, guaranteeing business continuity and optimization of employment cost structures. The service consists of OTTO recruiting and hiring employees (based on the Temporary Employment Act) and assigning them to work at your company.

Key Client benefits:
  • flexible management,
  • adapting the numer of employment to the needs of the company,
  • saving time and employment costs.

Workers from Eastern Europe

OTTO Work Force Central Europe has been providing recruitment services for Eastern European workers to the Polish market since 2013. We intermediate in hiring employees at all levels and with various levels of experience, from production workers to mid-level and senior-level professionals. We obtain the necessary documents and permits needed to legal employement in Poland. We help to find accommodation and prepare for employment. Every day, we delegate to our clients over 3 000 employees from the East Europe. We have our recruitment offices in Ukraine and Moldova. We also mediate in employing workers from other countries: Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Kosovo, Indonesia.

Key Client benefits:
  • own recruitment structure in Ukraineband Moldova,
  • taking over all formalities related to employing foreigners,
  • great motivation of workers to work.

Asian workers

Due to staffing shortages in the Polish labor market and diversification of staffing sources, we have expanded our services to include recruitment of temporary workers from the Far East and Asia. Since 2018, OTTO has been part of the global OUTSOURCING Inc. group, a Japanese staffing agency. The company has more than 30 subsidiaries in Japan and more than 60 worldwide. Thanks to the strong position of the OUTSOURCING Inc. group in Asia, we are able to provide the highest level of sourcing service from this market.

Key Client Benefits:
  • entrusting recruitment to a company with experience in the Asian market,
  • agency takes over the formalities related to employment of foreigners from Asia,
  • access to various sources of workers.


As part of outsourcing, also called external employment, we take full responsibility for the execution of the service and for maintaining the liquidity and continuity of the Client’s business. Clients entrust us with the execution of the entire process or its individual components. We are responsible for staffing, HR and payroll, and for the final result of the service.

Key Client benefits:
  • production and service,
  • taking over the responsibility by the agency,
  • optimizing processes and costs.

Verification of documents legalizing stay and work in Poland

In recent years, foreigners have become a strong support for the Polish labor market. However, it should be remembered that the employment of foreigners in Poland must be carried out in accordance with strictly defined regulations. In response to market needs regarding legalization of employment, we have extended our offer by a service of verification of documents legalizing residence and work in Poland.

Key Client benefits:
  • professional verification of all legalization documents
  • report containing analysis and detected errors in the scope of legal stay and work
  • certainty that employs foreigners legally

OnSite Services

If you regularly use large groups of temporary workers, we offer our OnSite service, i.e. our office on your factory. A permanent location at or near to your company will allow us to efficiently support your production planning process and quickly provide you with the necessary personnel. Together we will develop short- and long-term forecasts, and we will supplement sudden increases in demand with our resources.
Key Client benefits:
  • OTTO office on the customer's factory,
  • optimizing employment and improving efficiency,
  • support the process of Production.


The process of calculating salaries and HR services requires qualified specialists and a reliable HR and payroll system. It is burdened with the risk of error, which may result in financial penalties for the company. By taking over this process from you, we guarantee minimizing the risk, timely calculation, confidentiality and, above all, cost reduction.

Key Client benefits:
  • a modern HR and payroll system,
  • comprehensive service of personnel documentation,
  • timely and mistake-free regulation of liabilities toward workers and state institutions.

Specialist recruitment processes

As part of specialized recruitment we acquire candidates who meet the criteria specified by you. In the recruitment process we use modern tools and extensive candidate databases. We make a proper assessment of their competence in order to be able to recommend the best of them. Many years of experience in the industry, market knowledge and individual approach to the Client determine the success of our recruitment processes.

Key Client benefits:
  • entrusting recruitment processes to experts,
  • comprehensive assessment of the candidates' competences,
  • saving time and costs.