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10 stycznia 2024

Poland as a Stopover for Ukrainian Citizens on Their Way West

Every second temporary worker from Ukraine waits in Poland and observes how the situation in their homeland will develop. The number of those willing to leave Poland for the West is lower than it was a year ago. As many as 59% of respondents do not plan to leave Poland for any country other than Ukraine, which is a 15 percentage point increase compared to last year. One of the limitations is the language barrier, as only one in four Ukrainian citizens declares communicative knowledge of English.

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18 grudnia 2023

Ukrainian citizens are experiencing rising living costs in Poland

By the end of 2023, 75% of temporary workers from Ukraine declared satisfaction with their work in our country, indicating a decrease of 4 percentage points compared to 2022 and 10 percentage points compared to 2021. Despite the high cost of living in Poland, 56% of respondents still send at least a small portion of their earnings back to their families in their homeland. Unfortunately, Ukrainian workers are not willing to relocate to another Polish city, even if they were to receive a better job offer – as stated by 59% of the respondents.

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30 czerwca 2023

OTTO Work Force becomes new back-of-shirt sponsor of PSV Women

OTTO Work Force is intensifying its collaboration with PSV and committing as the back-of-shirt sponsor of PSV Women until the summer of 2026. The European the market leader in international employment services thereby emphasizes the ambition and core values of PSV. The decision to be visible on the women's jerseys aligns with the profile of OTTO Work Force, where women are strongly represented at all levels of the company.

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28 marca 2023

Who pays to work in Poland? Comparison of shopping baskets in 2023

High inflation is taking its toll on residents of almost the whole of Europe. In the face of rising prices, Poland is still an attractive destination for economic emigration for workers from the East. For citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus or Georgia, the monthly minimum wage in Poland is up to four times higher, while the prices of food products are lower or remain at a similar level.

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