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For 22 years, OTTO Work Force has been specializing in obtaining qualified personnel to work in key industries. In recent years, we have strengthened our position, becoming a significant player on the Polish market. We were one of the first companies to start operations in Ukraine, thanks to which we have built the appropriate structure and know-how much faster than the competition. Today it pays off and we successfully employ qualified employees from Central and Eastern Europe. Clients derive satisfaction from cooperation with OTTO and appreciate the quality of our services. The employees, in turn, have confidence in us.

We approach each client individually, selecting the offer in accordance with his needs and the specificity of the industry in which he operates. During the implementation of the project, we are always close to the client to quickly react to the changing realities in the company and to jointly develop short and long-term forecasts.

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OTTO Work Force, since its founding in 2000, has grown dynamically and is now a leader in the market of international employment agencies. Every day, 27.000 international employees of OTTO Work Force work for our clients in Europe. In Poland, we mainly serve companies operating in the following industries: production, logistics, trade, services, e-commerce. 7.000 OTTO employees work for our clients on the Polish market.

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The head office of OTTO Work Force is located in Kobierzyce, Poland. We are available on working days from 8:00 to 16:00. Or mail us.

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The level of satisfaction of employees from Ukraine with their work in Poland is on the rise. As many as 85% respondents declare to be satisfied with their job, an increase of seven percentage points year-over-year. As the demand for workers from Eastern countries continues to grow, companies compete to attract them with higher salaries or additional benefits. Ukrainian employees also attach increasing...

Who will replace Ukrainian men on the Polish labour market?

The Polish labour market has been undergoing dynamic changes in the last two years. Barely recovered after the hardships of the pandemics, it is already struggling with the consequences of the Russia’s armed attack on Ukraine. The conflict brought about an influx of substantial number of women from Ukraine, for whom there are not enough jobs on the market. In turn, employers are already facing staff shortages...

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A factor in the success of our company is not only good organization, but also awareness of what we do and awareness of the direction in which we are going. We know how, we know why & we know where. Properly targeted action energy makes a difference. Every two years we sharpen our strategic course. In future years, we will want to find out exactly what motivates our employees. The title of the 2020-2024...