The OTTO Story

OTTO has one important mission: to ensure companies can effectively run and develop without having to worry about personnel. There are a multitude of different industries which are currently struggling with a shortage of qualified personnel. From agriculture and horticulture to logistics and construction. We have developed into the largest international employment agency in Europe since our foundation back in 2000. We help employers to find professionally trained personnel from the Netherlands and abroad. More than 27.000 employees work via our company, mainly in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. We have a network of more than 50 offices in Europe. OTTO has enjoyed a strategic collaboration with the Japanese listed temporary employment group Outsourcing Inc. since the spring of 2018.

Frank van Gool:

"In the years to come, an ageing population will mean that more and more employees from outside the country will be needed. There is simply a lot of work to be done because there are more jobs than there are people available to do it."


The Happy OTTO Employee Journey

OTTO Work Force’s motto is 'our people make the difference'. Society is changing and we need to know what’s important to people both today and tomorrow. Who are our potential employees, what kind of life do they want to lead, are they looking for a job, or do they want a career? Our 2020-2024 strategy is entitled: 'The Happy Employee Journey', because we want to optimise our recruitment processes and subsequently find and retain the best employees. Our work is all about people; We take care of our people.

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OTTO Sports

Partner in Sports

Young, international talents, all capable of delivering a top performance in their field every single day! Sound familiar? That’s why we’ve decided to link up with promising (inter)national top athletes.

OTTO Work Force sponsors (as the main sponsor) top teams like PSV Eindhoven, Handball VOC Amsterdam and Heroes Basketball Den Bosch. We’re also socially active with our important partnership with the Johan Cruyff Foundation and various local initiatives which endorse health, vitality and team spirit.

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OTTO Foundation

OTTO Work Force is social. We support all kinds of good initiatives. But one thing we’re incredibly proud of is our OTTO Foundation. We use this foundation to contribute to the regions where many of our employees come from. These regions often face all kinds of problems and challenges and we’d like to contribute to the development of these areas and help people in difficult circumstances with support from the OTTO Foundation.

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