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Welcome to the OTTO Innovations Lab

In order to ensure companies are never left without good personnel, we do everything in our power to train our people so they perfectly match your company. That’s why we launched the OTTO Innovations Lab. This is the breeding ground where innovations and digital techniques are applied to OTTO's core business: matching and training the best employees for our customers. That’s something we’re incredibly proud of. It has helped us to become the largest international employment agency in Europe. We’re now also extending this formula for success to other parts of Europe, such as Wroclaw in Poland, allowing us to help employers take on excellent personnel in even more places.

Frank van Gool:

“We’re constantly looking at the possibilities on offer for applying new, especially digital, techniques in our customers’ and employees’ daily operations in the Innovations Lab. For example, we previously developed the virtual warehouse trainer, an 'on the job trainer' via virtual reality, and OTTO Best Match, a proven success formula for matching employees based on big data.”

Our innovaties

Reducing the time-to-productivity is the biggest challenge in a rapidly growing pool of employees. An Innovations Team, which ensures innovations are developed and implemented, has been set up within OTTO for this purpose. A total of 5 innovations have already emerged from the OTTO Innovations Lab.

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OTTO Best Match

Employees are matched based on customer-specific best performer profiles - right first time!

Virtual Warehouse Trainer

Efficiently instruct employees in a virtual environment during the first weeks of training.


Simple and effective online tool to learn and test basic knowledge, work or safety instructions.

15 Seconds Feedback

Quick and easy way to collect feedback from customers, international employees and executives.

Breeding ground for innovation

We can proudly call ourselves the pioneers and trendsetters in the field of international employment services. No one had done that before and certainly not on this scale. But also the way we work was innovative from day one. Professional recruitment, good coaching with an eye for the individual. We increasingly developed into a logistics specialist. Here, too, the focus was on innovation. Our expertise in this field was brought together in the OTTO Logistics Lab and this in turn developed into the OTTO Innovations Lab.


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International employees

Our international employees make all the difference for our customers every single day. Supermarkets remain well stocked and packages are delivered super fast, all thanks to them. Our people are rewarded with excellent employment conditions in return for this great service.

But we go one step further. More for those employees who decide to go the extra mile, who can always be relied on during particularly busy times, who have been working for us for a long time. We have developed the OTTO Rewards loyalty programme for this purpose. In addition to their good salary, employees can also earn loyalty points which they can redeem for the best gifts in the OTTO Rewards online shop. OTTO employees automatically participate with the programme and are therefore rewarded for their efforts and exceptional involvement, because; We take care of our People.