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We’ll be needing an ever increasing number of workers from outside of the Netherlands during the forthcoming years due to our aging population. There’s a great deal of work to be done. It’s a simple fact that there are many more jobs than available Dutch people to do them. But, fortunately for us, there are hard-working people from Eastern Europe who are happy to do this work for us. They ensure supermarkets are restocked at night, our packages from Bol and Zalando are delivered super fast and they get up before dawn to collect fruit and vegetables from the land.

OTTO Work Force has been specialised in deploying qualified personnel in crucial sectors for 22 years

690 professionals at our head office and customer locations are responsible for the best possible service and care for our 18.000 international employees at Dutch customer sites.

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OTTO Work Force has developed into the market leader in international employment services since its foundation back in 2000. A total of 27.000 international OTTO Work Force employees work in the retail, logistics, production and food industries every single day.


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The head office of OTTO Work Force is located in Venray, North Limburg. We are available on working days from 8:00 to 17:30. Or mail ons.

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Column Flexmarkt May 2023

Frank van Gool (OTTO Work Force) is aware that running a business is not just about key financial figures. Still, in his column for Flexmarkt, he admits to be curious about OTTO’s position in the Flexmarkt Turnover Ranking (Omzetranglijst) which is about to be published.

Column Flexmarkt Feb 2023

“Niet de arbeidsmigranten vormen een probleem, de huisvesting van arbeidsmigranten is het probleem.” Dat stelt Frank van Gool (OTTO Work Force) in zijn column voor Flexmarkt. “Provincies moeten de regie pakken en ervoor zorgen dat gemeenten de huisvesting van arbeidsmigranten nu wel serieus gaan aanpakken.”

Column Flexmarkt Nov 2022

Sinds de afschaffing van de uitzendvergunning in 1998 is er vooral aan de onderkant van de uitzendmarkt een enorme wildgroei ontstaan. De zelfregulering is mislukt en naarstig wordt gezocht naar regelgeving om malafide bureaus uit te bannen. Het kabinet heeft strengere regels aangekondigd en deze moeten in 2025 van kracht worden. “Ik pleit al jaren voor regelgeving, maar 2025 duurt toch echt te lang”, zo stelt...