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05 juli 2022

Blij met steun voor routekaart arbeidsmigranten

OTTO Work Force is blij met de steun van het kabinet en de Tweede Kamer voor een zogenaamde routekaart arbeidsmigranten. Tijdens het Algemeen Overleg van vandaag over de aanbevelingen van het Aanjaagteam bescherming arbeidsmigranten bleek die steun er te zijn. Als het aan OTTO Work Force CEO Frank van Gool ligt wordt er zo snel mogelijk gestart met de voorgestelde aanpak.

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27 juni 2022

OTTO Health Care signs partnership with Philippine hospital Cardinal Santos

OTTO Health Care, the sister organisation of OTTO Work Force, has signed a historic cooperation agreement at 4.00 a.m. this morning with Cardinal Santos in Manila, a very reputable and progressive hospital within a group of 19 Filipino hospitals. With this collaboration, we will be able to bring well-trained healthcare personnel to the Netherlands in a short period of time in order to relieve the pressure on the healthcare system.

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21 januari 2022

OTTO Work Force acquires axell employment

Axell Employment specializes in logistics and technical positions. OTTO Work Force wants to significantly increase growth in these market segments with the arrival of Axell. An increase that will make it even more possible to offer hard-working foreign workers a dignified life in the Netherlands and will help Dutch companies even better in their fight against staff shortages.

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