Certifications and membership

We want to offer our employees and clients the highest possible quality of service. Our commitment to the highest quality standards is emphasised by a large number of memberships and certificates.

Dutch Association of Temporary Employment Agencies (ABU)
OTTO Work Force is a member of the ABU. The ABU has been the ultimate representative of temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands’ interests since 1961. An ABU member satisfies high quality requirements in the field of safety in the workplace, codes of conduct, employment conditions and payment of social contributions.

NEN 4400-1 certification
OTTO Work Force has obtained the NEN-4400-1 certification. The 4400-1 certificate is a high quality and independent reliability mark for all companies which provide workers and (sub)contractors. Companies can thereby prove their personnel administration is in order and that tax and social insurance premiums are paid on time.

SNF certification
OTTO Work Force has obtained the Stichting Normering Flexwonen (Flexible Living Standards Foundation) certification. This demonstrates that our accommodation meets the required accommodation standard for international employees. An administrative inspection takes place annually, during which a check is done to ensure all locations have been reported to SNF and whether the good employment practices and supervision and management requirements have been met. All locations for which we are responsible are inspected for compliance with all SNF standards during the year.


In addition to certifications, OTTO Work Force is also affiliated with various initiatives which contribute to the importance of International Employees and their living and working environment

United Nations Sustainable Developement Goals
OTTO Work Force acknowledges its Corporate Social Responsibility and adheres to the OECD Guidelines for multinational companies. OTTO is aware of its responsibility. This is apparent from the company values, which are summarised in RESPECT. We have compared these to the most relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Knowledge Centre for Migrant Workers
It’s the Knowledge Centre for Migrant Workers’ ambition to become the ultimate knowledge leader in the field of labour migrants. We are the knowledge centre where knowledge about labour migrants is integrally developed and shared. We objectively inform citizens, the business community and governments and connect (social) organisations. CEO Frank van Gool and vice-CEO Karolina Swoboda form part of the knowledge centre’s board.

Labour Migration Works Foundation (Arbeidsmigratie Werkt)
The Meet the Labour Migrant Foundation aims to inform the public and government in the Netherlands. This is all about the importance of labour migration for Dutch people and the migrants and stimulating these two groups becoming better acquainted. CEO Frank van Gool is a member of the foundation board.

Wonen kan niet Wachten
We have too few homes in the Netherlands. Far too few! That’s why the government must allow the rapid construction of additional homes as soon as possible. International employees are most certainly also entitled to a warm and safe home. Join us, because HOMES ARE ESSENTIAL!