Partner of a global player

OTTO Work Force is a partner of DHL in three countries

“With half a million employees in over 220 countries and regions, we effortlessly connect all corners of the planet”. Few companies can say that, but Deutsche Post DHL Group can. And in three countries we can count DHL among our clients. OTTO Work Force is proud to be a partner of this global player in the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland. An introduction.

Germany: A promising start

The partnership with DHL in Germany has started at the location in Greven in the fourth quarter of 2020. It was the first collaboration project with DHL Duitsland for OTTO. The initial implementation of thirty people is to grow in size, not only in Greven, but also in other DHL locations in Germany.”

Poland: Co-operation of great value

DHL is one of the most important clients in Poland. Our co-operation dates from 2014 and it currently covers the whole country. OTTO provides services for two company divisions, namely DHL Parcel and DHL Supply Chain.

In the daily co-operation with DHL, we aspire not only to be the best service provider, but a partner whose knowledge and experience you can trust. We are always side-by-side with the client during the implementation to be able to quickly react and act on changes. This co-operation has appeared to be truly valuable, particularly in such challenging times as the corona pandemics. Customised services, advice, as well as fast and efficient communication link the client and OTTO. We thank DHL for their trust, and we are looking forward to our future co-operation.

Netherlands: Pleasant atmosphere at work

Ms. Simone van Grieken, General Manager of DHL Supply Chain in Beringe: “We take care of the logistics for a large international technology company with the help of 150 employees. OTTO Work Force is a primary supplier, as two-thirds of our personnel come from OTTO. Order pickers, reach truck operators and trouble shooters. All people are comprehensively trained and can work both at inbound and outbound sections. I am a big supporter of a broad employability because it increases the work pleasure and growth opportunities. And there really are such opportunities: we have been working with OTTO Work Force for less than a year and already some of our employees have moved on to office jobs."

Simone van Grieken:

“Personal attention, short lines of communication and immediate action. Apart from the atmosphere, these are very important requirements for our staffing-partners”

‘Leuk’ (nice) as an economic factor

“We find it particularly important to know how OTTO Work Force treats their employees. If things are not going well in the private sphere, we feel the effects during working hours. We try to make working here as enjoyable as possible. It is also an important economic factor. The better the working atmosphere, the better it goes. That is what I am really aiming for. Fortunately, there is a pleasant atmosphere on the shop floor, a positive vibe. That is why it is important to treat people well, to guide them well and offer them good housing.”

On the bicycle

“Personal attention, short lines of communication and immediate action. Apart from the atmosphere, these are very important requirements for our staffing-partners. If something is going wrong on the shop floor, it must be acted upon immediately. Therefore, it is so important that two in-house OTTO employees are always available. Otherwise, it would not work. We noticed this particularly during Corona. “We Take Care of Our People” was not just a slogan. The best part was that, during that period, most OTTO employees came to work by bike. They live at a KAFRA Housing location about eight kilometres away. Cycling is healthy and Corona-proof. The wonderful thing is that most of them still bike to work.”


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