Strategy 2020-2024

The Happy OTTO employee journey

A factor in the success of our company is not only good organization, but also awareness of what we do and awareness of the direction in which we are going. We know how, we know why & we know where. Properly targeted action energy makes a difference. Every two years we sharpen our strategic course. In future years, we will want to find out exactly what motivates our employees. The title of the 2020 - 2024 strategy reads: The Happy Employee Journey.

Growth and productivity

OTTO Work Force is literally an international company: we operate between nations. Over the past 20 years, we have gained a strong leadership position in the international placement market between many European countries. As a result of an aging population, labor market shortages are increasingly being felt in Europe. In our 2020-2025 strategy, we are also expanding to other important European countries. Because we are part of the OSI global network, we will also bring workers from Asia to Europe.

Workers in the center of attention

The ever-increasing labour market shortages are one of the biggest challenges in many European countries. Finding motivated employees is the key to growth and prosperity. If you can't find workers in your own country, look abroad.

OTTO Work Force's motto is "our people make the difference." Society is changing, and we need to know what motivates people - now and what will motivate them in the future. Who are our potential employees, what kind of life do they want to lead, are they looking for a job or do they want to pursue a career? Our strategy for 2020-2024 is titled: "The Happy Employee Journey" because we want to optimize our hiring processes, find and retain the best employees. Our work is all about people.


Our aim is to maintain our market leading position in the international recruitment industry in all major European countries. In addition, we aim for a leading position in our home markets in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. As a market leader in the international staffing industry with the largest global recruitment network, OTTO delivers workers from Central and Eastern European countries to Germany and the Netherlands and from Eastern European countries to Poland. To deal with labor shortages in Europe, Otto uses labor from Asia. This means the mobility of new markets of white-collar workers from Asia to the Netherlands and Germany, and white-collar and blue-collar workers from Asia to Poland.

Our goal is to rank among the top five leaders in logistics, food and retail and assembly in the Netherlands and Poland and to become the European market leader in bringing workers from Asia to Europe.


We owe our growth to long-standing client relationships designed to optimize results for both parties. As a specialist in international labor markets, we create lasting customer relationships in logistics, manufacturing and retail with proven solutions and a highly satisfactory track record. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our customers and employees.

Temporary workers

The growth of our company depends on the quality and motivation of our temporary workers.

Their jobs are based on skills, income, proper and timely payment of wages, and respect from their employer (customer service department). The role of "employer branding," image, and attractiveness will become increasingly important in the next few years in acquiring the right employees. That's why we offer candidates and employees opportunities to develop their skills and qualifications. We give them the opportunity to move up the career ladder through development and flexibility in current and future opportunities and offer them the prospect of a long-term relationship with the option to move between jobs or positions.

As a market leader in international staffing with the most extensive recruiting network, OTTO offers support based on an understanding of cultures in all countries and the best service to employees to ensure the best possible experience.


We are growing because of our family business values, our understanding of the industry, and our proactive entrepreneurial culture. Passionate, the right people in the right place, team/focus, loyalty, creativity and embracing opportunities. Together we take care of process optimization, good communication and employee engagement. OTTO operates in an international environment, an atmosphere in which the employee can thrive and benefit from the dynamics of a fast-growing company.

OTTO employees represent the OTTO DNA, understanding the challenging marketplace and their role in planning the temporary worker journey through support and hospitality. As a dynamic organization, we are constantly looking for opportunities and improvements. Our goal is to create an employee experience based on respect, which is the common denominator.

Labour migration due to ageing population

Labour migration is caused by shortages in the labour market, and these are partly due to an ageing population. The European population is ageing rapidly and the shortage of workers is only increasing. For example, in the year 2000 there were still 5 workers for every person over 65 in Europe, but this ratio will drop to almost 2 workers for every person over 65 in 2050. Labour migration therefore not only keeps the economy going, it also ensures that the population remains stable.

The golden rule that describes the strategy for a staff can be defined in three words:


Our goal is to be the FIRST CHOICE company for temporary workers.


by referring to the candidate's ambitions, needs, wishes and vision


by offering opportunities for growth, winning, losing, change and progress


by listening to the voice of the customer (VOC) and the voice of the market (VOM)


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